1. No refunds are given for missed lessons.  Make up lessons are reserved for emergencies and medical illnesses.
  2. Prices – Please contact teacher directly for information concerning current rates and payment options.
    1. 30 min
    2. 45 min
    3. 60 min
  3. Studio Recital – There will be a recital at the end of each semester. Attendance is mandatory.


  1. Daily practice equivalent to lesson time.


  1. 24-hour notice. Let teacher know about conflicts, as soon as possible.
  2. Lessons missed without notice will be considered unexcused and will not be rescheduled.
  3. Students with three or more unexcused absence during one semester may be dismissed out of the studio.

Lesson Termination

  1. If there comes a time you no longer wish to continue lessons for any reason, please give 30-day notice. The student is responsible for attending all scheduled lessons during that period.

Required Materials

  1. Metronome / Tuner
  2. Pencil
  3. Current lesson repertoire
  4. School orchestra / Chamber music

List of books commonly used in lesson.

  1. Suzuki Books I-VI
  2. Etude Books (Hohmann, Wolfphart, Kayser, Mazas, Rode)
  3. Scale Books (Hrimaly, Galamian)
  4. Young Violinist’s Book
  5. Shifting Books (Yost, Essential Technique for Strings)
  6. Theory (Core Music Theory for String Players Book I – X)

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